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What is Adoption? How does it work? Is adoption for me? What type of adoption is for me? What questions should I ask?

The Infant Adoption Training Initiative Program is a federally funded project that provides specialized education for health care professionals on the topic of adoption.  Our training curriculum, Understanding Infant Adoption, is designed to increase the knowledge and skills of health care staff in public and private non-profit health centers in discussing the “adoption option” on a equal basis with the other options when working with pregnant women and teens that may be undecided as to whether or not to parent the expected child.

This website is established on the philosophy of the Infant Adoption Training Initiative Program, which is based on Educating about the Adoption Process, not Advocating Adoption for every situation.  The goal of the Infant Adoption Training Initiative Program is to insure that every pregnant women, teen, and birth father has access to neutral, factual information concerning adoption and are empowered to make a well-informed decision that is right for them.

For additional Information about our program, please go to AdoptionatWork.org or call 1-888-440-9800.

IATI Program is made possible through the Department of Health and Human Services (Cooperative Agreement Number 90CG2659/01)


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